Twitter Will Block chirp / Content Specific Themes

Two weeks ago, Twitter via hastag  ?SOPABlackout, a large protest against the planned laws and anti piracy SOPA PIPA, in the United States?, which is considered to inhibit freedom of speech. Now, the microblogging site is actually planning to block the chirp a particular theme in several countries. @

Twitter announced in a blog post, Thursday, January 26, 2012, will block a specific tweet. Tweet will be blocked, as quoted by Reuters news agency, is considered illegal in the country.

As we continue to grow internationally, we will go into a country that has different ideas about the contours of freedom of expression, the statement written on the Twitter blog.

Twitter gives some examples of specific restrictions related content tweet. Namely, in France and Germany, banning pro Nazi content. In fact, there is a possibility that Twitter would not exist in certain countries.

Some (countries)? have so many differences, related ideas (?freedom) and we will not be there, wrote the Twitter.

Twitter's decision to start censoring certain content could not be separated from the political turmoil surrounding the linkages in the Arab countries. Precisely, when anti-government protesters in Tunisia, Egypt and other Arab countries to coordinate a massive demonstration through various social networking sites, including Twitter.

In the process, the condition is considered to be potentially disruptive developments ?Twitter globally. In fact, so far Twitter has become a powerful tool in creating social movements in the past year.

Reaction on Twitter

The reaction of Twitter users to these policies, most do not agree. Especially, the media tend to criticize because it considers Twitter to censor openly.

According to a Forbes journalist, Mark Gibbs, this policy is considered to be social suicide. As a form of protest, Twitter users are asked to include hastag ?TwitterBlackout in his tweet.


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