Shakira and Gerard Pique free download scandal sex videos tape

The latest despicable rumors in the world of sports revolve around Barcelona defender Gerard Pique and his girlfriend, singer Shakira. Allegedly, the two are being blackmailed by one of Shakira's staffers to pay up or have a sex tape they made together released online. @

We get the following from FOX News Latino:

According to TV Notas, one of Shakira's employees is blackmailing the Hips Don't Lie singer. Allegedly, if she doesn't pay up the large sum requested, the video will be released."

The gossip site says that supposedly the employee taped Shakira giving Piqué oral sex.

I'm not even sure where to begin, so I'll just start ranting.

If the story is true, Shakira's staffer is? a despicable human being for trying to cash in on the privacy of the couple. I'm assuming the staffer would have taped the act unbeknownst to Shakira and Pique, though who knows

If the story isn't true then TV Notas is a pathetic and bottom feeding news agency for posting this on the Internet because they know the combination of Pique and Shakira and sex tape will drive traffic to their website. 

And no, the irony of me noting the above isn't lost on me, trust me.

The TV Notas report is in Spanish, so let's play a little game I like to call The World According to Google Translate. Here's the meat of that story after translation:

They claim that the Colombian star Shakira (34 years) is being blackmailed by one of* its employees, who threatens to release a video that sees the singer and her boyfriend Gerard Piqué (of 24) in the very intimate encounter.

According to various media, a team member working Shakira recorded it while I was practicing oral sex on the Spanish footballer, and now he is requesting a large sum of money in order to maintain well stored images.

Various media I would assume translates to according to unnamed sources in our lexicon.