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In 2011, the young singer Justin Bieber became a controversial figure. When his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, was recently spotted wearing a ring on her finger, many media crews guess they were engaged. Moreover, at that time they did a romantic trip to Mexico.

Towards the last quarter of this year, Bieber rocked back big gossip. One of them, on suspicion of possessing a child of one of his admirers. Here are 5 scandal that hit this year as quoted Bieber OMG Yahoo!.

1. DNA Tests

Last November, a woman from California claimed to have had children from the agency relationship with Bieber. He claimed the sex was happening when Bieber concert in Los Angeles. Both insisted the opinion of each. 17-year-old singer does not admit the allegations. Finally, to prove that he is not the baby's father is, Bieber is willing to undergo DNA testing.
2. Making out in Mexico

Bieber and Gomez dating rumors emerged earlier this year after paparazzi trying menjodoh-jodohkan both. Soon, they look appear cordial while on vacation in Hawaii. They were kissing, hugging and making out.

With millions of fans, Bieber dating status Gomez make many teens feel heartbroken. But the good news is a Princess and a pop princess is a young couple's dream.

3. Three months with

For three months together, Bieber and Selena "adopted" dogs from shelters. Because Bieber has never had a dog in his life, furry animal that was treated by Gomez. Several times Gomez was seen walking the streets with his new friend around Canada and the United States.

4. Stabbed

This week came the news that a fan was stabbed Bieber fanatic. And it turns out all of that hoax. It's like most of the fake news circulating on Twitter.

5. Bieber "shortly"

Bieber using the vocabulary word "shortly" in a new song Mistletoe! outstanding special for Christmas this year. But many were disappointed with the action Bieber was giving a modern twist on a classic celebration.

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