Video Sex scandal of Gerard Pique with Shakira free download tape

( & Shakira por Gerard Piqué libre de la cinta de descarga de vídeos escándalo el sexo ) Barcelona defender Gerard Pique, and his girlfriend who is also a singer, Shakira, was getting into trouble. They become victims of extortion from one of Shakira's assistants. @

As reported by FoxNews, Pique and Shakira's boyfriend becomes the victim of extortion because the store assistant Shakira between Pique and Shakira's video while having sex.

Assistants are demanding a sum of money to two of the couple. If not fulfilled then the blackmailer will publish a sex video on the internet.

Pique and Shakira started dating since 2010. The two met in the manufacture? of video clips Shakira Waka Waka (This Time For Africa), since then both of them looked familiar and then not long after publishing their relationship.

They had preached broke up in October last year, but the rumor was immediately denied by Shakira's manager, Rodrigo Beltran who said the rumors of their breakup was fake news.

Until now, both are still together, although not yet planning to marry in the near future.

For Shakira, is not the first time he was rumored to have a sex video. With ex-boyfriend, Antonio de la Rua he was also once rumored though the video was not widespread on the internet. 

There can be also images Shakira might hate...
It seems that everything? was going smoothly between Shakira and Pique, and couple’s happiness was confirmed by their freedom when being together.

Sex is normally a very important part of their lives, but something might go wrong when the paparazzi are always behind them. It seems that a Shakira’s ex-employee allegedly filmed her during an oral sex intercourse with Pique, and now the couple are blackmailed with this tape.

According to TV Notas, the possessor of the taped hot scenes would now require a colossal amount of money not to publish the pictures & video.

The video is thought to be just one minute and a half long, but if singer’s former staff member does really claim it, then 90 seconds is more than enough time to send their lives into a media scandal.

source : vivanews, foxcrawl

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