Video sex tape scandal Peter Slipper Australian Parliament Speaker

Australia Parliament Speaker Peter Slipper to resign from his post, after the revelation of the scandal SMS containing vulgar language and conduct is considered sexual harassment. Slipper known to send a text message to former staff who know gay.

According to the Guardian, the contents of the SMS tone is insulting, revealed at the trial of the Slipper. In the messages, Slipper describe female that looked like the contents of the shells. SMS is also sent to former staff Slipper.

James Ashby who do not accept the humiliation of the Slipper, immediately filed a lawsuit to the Slipper. Ashby considers Slipper had been sexually harassing her. So reported The Guardian, Wednesday (10/10/2012).

Slipper married, apologized to Ashby for the content of the SMS. He also dismissed had sexually harassed a former staff.

This case was filed Slipper resignation. Since April, he has never come back to the meeting of parliament. In addition to this SMS scandal, helped Slipper suspected cases of fraud travel expenses.

However, in the end fraud-hit travel costs Slipper discontinued due to lack of evidence. As for cases of sexual harassment still continues.

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