Heidi Klum and bodyguard Christian Martin video sex tape scandal

World Supermodel, Heidi Klum, the more serious affair with his personal bodyguard, Christian Martin. Klum was deeply loved man who had four years of being the bodyguard of his. In fact, in the name of love, Klum alter the appearance of Stewart so impressed luxury. He was willing to spend money of U.S. $ 10 thousand, or about Rp96 million to make up her new boyfriend.

As quoted from the National Enquirer, Klum accidentally makeover her lover, agarselalu looks stylish and expensive clothes from famous boutiques. He reportedly busy selecting a number of suits men in luxury boutiques in Beverly Hills.

"Klum did just buy some clothes and two pairs of shoes for the Christian. But the bill of U.S. $ 10 thousand, as Klum buy goods the best of the best," said the source.

Christian Klum was surprised by the decision that changed the appearance and pamper her with expensive items. However, Klum did not give him a chance to dodge. German model was immediately dragged him to a posh boutiques.

"He did not want to spend much Klum herself. However, Klum took her first to the boutique and shows the items that should be the guy," he said.

The image is very important for Klum, who recorded the world's highest paid supermodel. He did not want her boyfriend to relentless paparazzi and media, because of the appearance that the boyfriend mediocre.

"Having a girlfriend is very important for Klum fashionable. And now Christians with him, he should respect his decision," he said.

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