video sex tape scandal Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders

Infidelity Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders be cought paparazzi on July 17, 2012. At that time, a central stalk U.S. Magazine photographer Stewart. The paparazzi began surveillance of the Stewart House in Los Angeles, home she shared with her boyfriend, Robert Pattison, over the last year free download Rupert Sanders  and Kristen Stewart video sex tape scandal .

Exit the house, Stewart rode his Mini Cooper. He went to the fitness center or gym. After processing the body, the title character Bella Swan is back to his car while on the phone.

"Then he chose a parking lot and wearing a baseball cap, Dodgers, and sunglasses" says the photographer, Monday, July 30, 2012.

Not long ago, came a man sitting in the passenger seat, next to Bella in the movie Twilight. The man was Rupert Sanders, Snow White movie director and the Huntsman. "Mini Cooper that was moving, circling Los Angeles," he said.

Photographers whose name is suspiciously hidden Stewart and Sanders romance scandal. He saw Stewart drove like without direction. Seeing that, the photographer suspect they were looking for a place to make out.

Yeah, right. When Stewart stopped the vehicle and parked it in the slum area on the west side of the City of Los Angeles, Sanders immediately leaned forward. "He kissed Stewart and reciprocated the kiss," the photographer said U.S. Magazine. "Sanders Stewart kissing madly."

Intimacy two did not stop there. They got out the car and walked over Hollywood directions. On the side of the road, under the shade tree, they talked. A moment later, Stewart Sanders hugged from behind and then embraced.

Photos of Stewart and Sanders kissing in a car that has been published on the website U.S. Magazine July 30, 2012. And the result of this scandal, Stewart abandoned by her boyfriend, Robert Pattison.

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