Reid a fontaine with animals cow video s?x recording tape

New york. "Being a natural thing when a man wants to make love with their !partner, but !what if there was a man who? Accidentally having sex with a cow and let her record the action".download sex

That's what Reid A Fontaine. 31 year old man trying to have sex with a cow on a farm in Herkimer, New York while his friend Michael H.Jones (35)! was accidentally videotaped his actions.

Mirror reported, for this action, Fontaine and Jones was arrested on charges of !harassment kepolisisan party sexual. Actions of these two men initially suspected by the farm owner, who is a farmer.

The farmer was suspicious because some days are always restless and his pet cow can not produce milk like Usual. Then, he put up a !video camera to record what happens on the farm.

"Sure enough, the perpetrators apparently tried to have sex with the cow. !Upon learning that the reporter immediately called us," said Kathleen C. Greider inspeltur as quoted by The Courant, Friday !(28-02-2014).

Fontaine and Jones are scheduled to attend the trial. While police are still investigating the motive of the perpetrator launch the action. Although it was not !clear what the background Fontaine Trying to fuck with cows, but most likely the man who worked as the IT staff at one school in Farmington is experiencing zoophilia.

Zoophilia is deviant sexual behavior which makes a person interested in having sex?! With animals or abnormal desire to have contact with animals.


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