Video triangle UFO hovering over the skies of Medan, Indonesia

 An alien UFO research community site posted a video about UFO sightings in the skies of Medan, North Sumatra. The video was enough to stir in the social media. Is it a UFO?

Sites that publish video is latest-ufo-sightings-net. Video uploaded on January 7, 2013 and with the words 'video of triangle UFO hovering above Medan, Indonesia 5-Jan-2013'.

The video image contained sightings of three dots of colored light red-green-blue that form a triangle. UFO researchers believe, the triangle is one form of UFO. In some other areas, similar sightings ever seen.

A number of visitors to the site were asked for opinions about the authenticity of the video. Of 115 comments, 77 of whom believe that the original video featuring UFOs, while 17 people thought the video was a fake. The rest rate the video is genuine, but the object is not a UFO appeared.

Associate Researcher Andyono Muharso BETA UFO Indonesia has its own views about the apparition. According to him, the UFO in the video is still in doubt because the uploader, not provide detailed data about the environment in the location and retrieval process.

Following the analysis of community Anyono Beta UFO Indonesia in a written statement to AFP on Thursday (01/10/2013):

1) The video purported sightings video BETA / triangle-shaped UFO over the city of Medan, on January 5, 2013, did not show any reference points that could be a reference to estimate the size of the recorded object, the object's position in the sky as well - of course- truth of the claim that the object was filmed over the city of Medan.

2) The videos are featured on the website 'Latest UFO Sightings' does not show detail any information about anyone making the video, when the video was delivered and where the exact location of manufacture of video recording tersbut done. If the identity of the creator of the video was deliberately kept secret, why is not there any explanation about the reason to conceal his identity?

3) The video shown was seen as a triangular object, but there is no clear reference indicates that the object was in the sky / heaven. In terms of the movement of the object, also not seen any sudden changes in speed or extreme, example of moving swiftly to silence, or vice versa. Movement of factors of this object, there is no significant difference between the objects claimed as BETA / UFO was a kite that is equipped with LED lights. The only thing that makes the object was identified as a BETA / UFO ya mere statement (claim) of the website itself.

Based on the facts above, the Beta community UFO Indonesia concluded, the video was not accompanied by evidence and factors that support the truth of every element of the claims covered by the site. However, Beta UFO did not want to infer video Hoax.

"The only definitive analysis could dijaukan sejauhh BETA UFO's, is that the claims filed with the video still looks DOUBTING," said Andyono.

source :  detiknews

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