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All matters relating to the young star Justin Bieber will attract attention. Its popularity is skyrocketing, romance with another young star Selena Gomez, to charges of having a child with fans.

This is what makes a sex toy company creating sex dolls Bieber. More recently, Pipedream Products has been marketing products sex dolls "Just-in Beaver" made like a pop star.

Citing HollywoodLife, Bieber fans have a different opinion about their idol sex dolls. One of the fans said, "I am very annoyed with those who think no problem using it." While others commented, "I want it."

Previously, Pipedream also released a sex doll the other young stars, Miley Cyrus under the name "Finally Mylie". The doll is sold in just two days after launch.

Another famous stars have become "victims" include Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lindsay Lohan, Chirstina Aguilera, Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson.

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