Storm Sandy amateur video in Washington DC and New York

Video detik - detik badai sandy hantam new york

Government and the people of the U.S. east coast prepare for the coming storm Sandy earlier this week. Hurricanes that threaten major cities such as the capital Washington DC and New York. Observers cautioned that it could be Sandy will be hurricane that hit the U.S. terdahsyat.

According to Reuters news agency, about 50 million Americans are on track possible through Sandy, who is expected to start go to the east coast on Tuesday morning local time (evening GMT). Cyclone has claimed the lives of at least 66 people in the Caribbean, Central America.

While not as wild fury of Hurricane Katrina, which devastated the city of New Orleans in 2005, observers predicted that Sandy could be the biggest storm when it hit land.

That is why the central government in Washington DC on alert. The government of New York and other cities shut down the subway network. All schools are closed and residents who live in the lowlands were ordered to evacuate before Hurricane Sandy came with heights up to 3.4 meters.

"Do not act stupid. Exit, and go to a higher area," said New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie.
According to the U.S. Hurricane Monitoring Centre, Sandy is located approximately 780 kilometers south of the City of New York. The rate of the wind moving north Atlantic with a speed of 24 km / h.

New York Stock Exchange (Wall Street) has stated will be closed all Monday. This is the first time Wall Street was closed since Hurricane Gloria in 1985. However, transactions on Wall Street this time pursued persists electronically (online).

Do not take the risk of casualties, UN Headquarters office, all the theaters of Broadway, New Jersey casinos, schools, and all business activities since the beginning of the week is closed until the threat of Hurricane Sandy warnings by authorities in New York lifted.

Cyclone is also forced two presidential candidates, namely Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, canceled a campaign in some places. In fact, the 6 November election day closer.

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