Young boy brings gun in 9 Years In School Bag

One young boy was nine years old in Mexico was caught carrying a loaded gun to school. According to a spokesman for police in the northern city of Hermosillo, Friday, September 7, 2012 local time, it was revealed when the boy classmates saw the gun in the bag.

As reported by Reuters news agency, the police finally raided the boy's house after a loaded gun seized deadly. Police said the bullets known as "cop killer" because it is designed to penetrate bullet-proof vests.
In a house allegedly occupied by families of suspected drug traffickers, police also found 13,000 rounds of ammunition, various types of pistols and rifles, including the AK-47, Uzi submachine guns. In addition, they also found military uniforms, dozens of portable radios and two money counting machines.

Meanwhile, an armed man who lived in the house managed to escape after seeing the police arrive.
Meksi Thus, the police managed to detain one woman. The poor boy was eventually taken to the care of social workers.

source : vivanews

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