Video Cause of Death U.S. ambassador in Libya Prayers

An amateur video showing the Libyan people are trying to save the U.S. ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, circulated on the internet.

Stevens was found unconscious in a room full of smoke after a mob attacked the U.S. embassy related movies insult the Prophet Muhammad, last week.
Whereas, before, according to government reports Libya, Stevens and three staff were killed when their car diroket stranger. At the moment thousands of people stormed the U.S. embassy in Libya.
As reported by Reuters, the video appears confirmed that the U.S. ambassador had died from asphyxiation after the building caught fire.

In the footage showed several people broke into the embassy compound and then saved Stevens lying alone in one of the rooms of the building.

A group of young men who stormed the U.S. embassy before seen by the light of torches and mobile phones shouting that they had found a stranger lying on the floor.

"There's someone inside .. He is a foreigner, he is a foreigner. Take him out," said a man calling for help.

"Take him out! Take him out!," Said another.

"He was still alive. Take him out. Take him out," said another man.

"Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar!" shouted the crowd.

"Give space. Is there a medic here. Anyone who can deliver a fast car?" said one man.

The footage shows Stevens lying on the floor in a room full of smoke after protesters stormed the compound and burned the building.

A few minutes later, Stevens pulled out of the room through the window, and then placed on the tile floor. One young man was seen putting his hand on her neck to check if he was breathing.

A few seconds after it was discovered, Stevens is still alive. A young man shouted, "Take him to my car, take it to my car."

A doctor on duty in the emergency room at the Benghazi Medical Center that night said, carrying the U.S. ambassador were local civilians. While doctors performed CPR for 45 minutes, Stevens died from asphyxiation due to smoke inhalation. His body was later returned to the United States.

Stevens and three of his staff were killed when gunmen attacked the U.S. embassy in the city of eastern Libya, on Tuesday last week. The protesters blamed the United regarding the film "Innocence of Muslims are" made in California.

source : vivanews

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