Catching Contest Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

Free West Papua Campaign organization offered a reward of 100.000 U.S Dollars ( 770 million rupiah ) to the daring capture of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono during his visit to the UK in November.

"This man during his reign had masterminded the killing of more than 500 thousand innocent people in West Papua," said the announcement of the Free West Papua Campaign through the official website and her Facebook account.

The arrest was quite symbolic. So those who are interested in getting close enough reward Yudhoyono calmly, then patted the shoulder or hand and said, "Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, was arrest by citizens for crimes against humanity in West Papua, and I invite you to come to the police station."

Papuan separatist movement based in Oxford, England, it states, anyone can claim the prize if the "arrest" was reported by the mass media. The catcher should also be mentioned in the news "capture" it. Benefits can be taken within 28 days thereafter.

"We hope there are many supporters who tried to catch the attention of the President to be drawn to Papua," said Alex Regent, spokesman Benny Wenda, leader of the Free West Papua Campaign, the Second yesterday. "We urge that Yudhoyono is on trial for murder in Papua."

Regent hoped the arrest may encourage disclosure of information situation in Papua. During this time, he said, the world can not know the original condition in Papua for foreign media organizations and human rights observers are banned there.
Seconds trying to make contact directly Benny Wenda, 37 years.

But he never answer phone calls or reply to e-mails from Sec. "He's still tight," said Tim, a member of the office staff Free West Papua Campaign.

President Yudhoyono's spokesman, Julian Aldrin Pasha, judging by the fact that the accusation is not clear and does not make sense. "It was a little annoying because it's a statement that insults the head of state," said Julian to Sec.

Julian said the agency in the UK is turning a blind eye to the welfare approach and human rights that carried the Yudhoyono administration. According to him, the campaign is not to be taken seriously. "This is a campaign of the mentally ill for not properly filed charges with the context of the problem is unclear," he said.

Meanwhile, Edmund McWilliams of West Papua Advocacy Team, based in the United States, believes the campaign is intended only for media attention and international public. Edmund sure there are people who are victims of violence in Papua TNI. He also saw the Indonesian government tends to ignore the health and education problems in Indonesia's easternmost island.

But Edmund dubious claims about the organization Benny Wenda killed 500 thousand during the eight years of the Yudhoyono administration. "I think that figure was inaccurate because it might be as big as that," said the former member of the diplomatic staff at the U.S. Embassy in Indonesia.

source : detiknews

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