Video Music from the Beethoven DNA Hair

There are still parts of the body's music maestro, Ludwig van Beethoven was left after 200 years of his death: lock of hair.

Ferdinand Hiller is young musicians cut their hair as a memento a normal practice in that era, when Beethoven lay dying in 1827, the day before death snatched.

Hiller was not alone, when buried, Beethoven's head shaved by many people who also want a lasting memento of the famous figure.

For a century, the pendant containing a lock of Beethoven's hair treasure for children of Hiller, before finally ending at the iron door of the bank, which somehow finds its way into the City Gilleleje, when Nazi Germans occupied Denmark, during the darkest periods in World War II. Changed hands to a local doctor, Kay Fremming who saved hundreds of Jews from the massacre - one of which may give Beethoven's hair.

In 1994, the locket of hair was auctioned at Sotheby's auction house. Purchased by two huge fan of Beethoven. Assigned to eight strands of hair for DNA analysis and studies.

Of hair that is, the mystery of Beethoven's death surfaced. After several years of work, the scientists discovered a surprising fact: Beethoven's hair contains large amounts of lead. Approximately 100 times the normal average. Allegedly, Beethoven's lead poisoning, or even further, died poisoned.

However, it is not the most fantastic.

As published by Today in Tech, such as Yahoo released, Thursday, February 16, 2012, a team of artists and musicians who are also getting the hair strands, handed it to the scientists, for DNA analysis.

Details of genes was then transformed into Beethoven's musical composition known as *Ludwig's Last Song* , *Ludwig Beethoven's last musical work.*

Scottish composer, Stuart Mitchell, who studied Cymatics , study of sound and vibration seen, translating 22 unique amino acid found in the DNA sequence of Beethoven to the musical notation.

Each note is placed in the scales associated with the resonant frequency of amino acids.

With that capital, Mitchell set the part played by the violin, and other pieces played by the piano. When combined, it becomes a combination of music and nice restaurants.

However, for fans of Beethoven, the song does not sound like a unique composition of the maestro.

Answer Mitchell, every one may hope, can hear it in the style of Beethoven, but this melody actually sounds almost tragic. For me, the music sounds like someone who is fighting, fighting. A melody is very sympathetic, of a great soul.