Publish Wikileaks Millions of E-Mail Stratfor

Not only e-mail, Wikileaks also claims to have a data glossary Stratfor.
From today, the site Wikileaks began to publish more than 5 million e-mail address is compromised hackers from Stratfor private intelligence company. Suddenly, Stratfor was furious, calling them inexcusable and is a serious privacy violation.

Some e-mail address may have been forged or altered, but some may still be genuine. We will not validate or describe what kind of thoughts are exchanged through all of this address, the statement on the Texas - based Stratfor, as quoted by CNN, February 27, 2012.

Not only e-mail address, Wikileaks also claims to have a glossary which contains the data used to define Stratfor U.S. companies. Founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, claims it will send these documents to their network of 25 news agencies and activist groups.

"Here there was a private intelligence company that relies on informants from the government of the United States, foreign intelligence agencies with a questionable reputation, as well as journalists," said Assange.

Hacker, who allegedly linked network Anonymous, also said earlier this year that they had stolen e-mail conversations of hundreds of employees Stratfor. Reuters news agency reported at the same time span, the founder of Stratfor, George Friedman, had warned that many e-mail cache that had been stolen.

God knows what could possibly be written hundreds of our employees in their e-mail can be very embarrassing, stupid, or wrongly interpreted. If the pertas were looking for signs of conspiracy in the e-mail, then they should be disappointed, said Friedman.

Computers at Stratfor itself was burglarized twice hackers in December last year, resulted in details of more than 30 thousand credit card users published on the Internet. Stratfor also cooperate with the FBI to investigate the burglary in December.

Previously, Wikileaks also released secret recordings and thousands of cable fight the U.S. military with regard to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2010, making the U.S. government's outraged. Level of security documents labeled "confidential" was questioned in the presence of this leak.

Julain Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, is currently under house arrest in England. He faces extradition to Sweden for alleged sexual crimes.