Italian professor try launches challenge to Google

Not many know, there is a computer science professor who inspired the birth of Google. Now, the professor hopes to compete with the search engine giant. @

Massimo Marchiori, the Italian professor named Volunia launch site. The site allows users to view a particular website components to find the subject of interest more quickly and interact with other users who have registered, the possibility of looking for the same web page!.

Web is a great place to live. !There is information, as well as the people in it. Social dimension has been there, said Marchiori as reported by AFP on Tuesday ( 07-02-2012 ).

The man who in 1990 discovered an algorithm for the ranking service internet page named HyperSearch is sure, the functions available on Volunia would be normally found on search engines including Google and Yahoo.

Volunia whose copyright is listed in the United States, currently only available on a limited basis. Marchiori plans to expand its availability in 12 languages ​​including English, Arabic, Japanese and Russian in the next few months.

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