Condom Video Zac Efron dropped on the red carpet premiere the Lorax

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While attending the premiere of his latest film The Lorax, Zac Efron in the spotlight. Not because of his acting, but because the actor who dropped a condom in his pocket. The incident occurred when a concern because the actor was walking on the red carpet.

At the time strolling on the red carpet, the actor is walking toward the two women. Efron then pulled something from his pocket and given to a woman who suspected her assistant. After that, other things came out and fell. Falling object is a condom.

As quoted from *Hollyscoop*, Efron immediately took the condom that fell out of his pocket quickly. Unfortunately, the action had already recorded a shame that the television cameras and *paparazzi* as well.

Although embarrassed, Efron trying to remain calm. He retreated to the back and posing in front of dozens of photographers. To cover his embarrassment, ex - girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens is wearing sunglasses.
He smiled shyly, looking at the people around him. solutions rv